Feeling thankful 

My vacation started today and the biggest thing I’m looking forward ro is cuddling with my baby girl, watching Christmas movies and baking. I have a week off the biggest thing I have planned is making the Turkey all by myself. As a young women am I the only one that is nervous when it comes to making the turkey. Your husband is obviously looking forward to the turkey and your mom knows how it is supposed to be done so she’ll know if you messed up lol I just hope I don’t burn my house down in the process 😒. I am 100% one of the crazy people who have their tree up; however I still have some town pieces that need to be painted that also is a learning process I hope one day I’ll be as good as my grandmother. As much as she shakes she can paint the tiniest village people perfectly and yet when I paint a big Christmas tree you can see every mistake I think when it comes to certain crafts the older you get the better you get. Almost like a talent that you just wake up with one morning.Maybe I’ll just stick to baking and jewelry! 

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