Bad a** mom

Do you ever feel like more days than others you feel like you can do it all? That’s me today I woke up for my son’s 3am feeding, got him back to sleep at 4am, worked out, did 3loads of laundry folded and put away my kids clothes, actually hung mine up, ate a healthy breakfast all before my energetic daughter woke up! I guess now that she is up and a little cranky. I’ll take the kids outside. Today is going to be a bad ass super mom kinda day.

Good morning

So my husband and I came up with a schedule for nighttime feedings and I must say im loving it..probably more than him lol! I go to bed at 9pm he does the 9-3 feedings and I get up at 4am. today I decided im going to start staying up after Benjamin goes back to sleep since I go back to work Friday I need to get use to waking up early again. I even started my work out routine and had a healthy breakfast (egg white with cheese and tomato). If you know me you know I love my coffee and it needs to be sweet (which I know isnt the healthiest but I even solved a problem with that, 2 sugars with coolwhip instead of creamer and sprinkled cinnamon on top (that helps burn fat)) my goal is to lose 25ibs. I don’t have a time line just want to be at a healthy weight so I can keep up with my hectic schedule and my two babies.

As I sit here after watching morning cartoons I finally feel safe to enjoy my nice cup of coffee while catching up with the blog however; my daughter disagrees apparently I didn’t cuddle long enough so she hangs all over me as im trying to work around her she then bumps my coffee that I made just right and now instead of me drinking it, it is now on my table and tablet. But I guess thats a moms life right there! My husband is an amazing dad im not just saying that but he really is an active father and husband but still the mom vs dad war is in every house. Its unavoidable, for example Landon can lay on the couch for a whole movie and play on his phone. But the minute I lay down to watch a 1hour episode of Gilmore Girls or counting on Lilliahna and Benjamin just can’t handle it, Lilliahna is climbing all over me tryng to reach for my phone, tugging on my hair, playing with my face and then Benjamin who was sound asleep wakes up once he hears me curious is any other moms in this ongoing battle? I know im not the only one!

Beautiful family of four

I’m back writing and updating my blog. Yes I know it has been a while I honestly haven’t had time or energy between all the sickness that comes with pregnancy, getting through the holidays, receiving a promotion at work and of course taking care of a toddler. It has been a crazy 9 months but now I am happy to report our new addition to our growing family is a handsome little boy, Benjamin leviticus was born June 1st. and Lilliahna is doing amazing adjusting as a big sister. I am so happy and so in love with my beautiful family of four. I can’t believe its already time to go back to work next Friday well at least for one day then its 4th of July so I go right into another break I am a women that is truly blessed with a good career, a beautiful family, food in my fridge and a roof over our heads.