Time for potty training!

My daughter is 18months and we started potty training over the weekend! Nothing is better than getting excited after she uses the potty and then she gets excited because you are. She has used the potty three times so far and hopefully it becomes more very soon. As of right now between my husband and I we put her on the potty every 30-45min and give her something like a toy to distract her with until she pees usually takes just a few minutes if she goes if not we put a diaper on her; then of course she goes as soon as we put a diaper on her. However; we have never experienced potty training a toddler before so if anyone has experience with quick/ easy potty training tips I would appreciate some feedback:) wish us luck! 

Tis the season

As I sit here watching my hallmark Christmas movies I can’t help but think if any of these perfect Christmas towns exists; if so I would love to visit one. To meet new people in a little town, taking a carriage ride through the snow.  It also makes me think of my own dreams that I don’t always pay attention to during the whole year.  My dream has always been to own a tiny little bookstore with a lot of regulars that come in to visit and of course new customers to see what its all about.  Every evening I’ll bake a big batch of cookie/pastries and have coffee out every morning. In the corner of my store right beside the cash register have my crafts for sale. I often bounce between that dream and the dream to own my own inn. A Christmas cottage would be perfect for me! 

Of course while I’m crying watching this beautiful Christmas movie my husband is making fun of me and hating all my “corny” hallmark movies.  Im sure I’m not the only wife that has the struggle of her husband acting like he’s a scrooge (but really isn’t) yes I will admit im still a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas but he knew that when he married me. I can only hope my daughter enjoys the holidays as much as me and will enjoy baking with me and decorating sugar cookies and making ginger bread houses. I hope everyone enjoys this time with family and has Christmas traditions they look forward to every year! I look forward to reading your special traditions in the comments below. 

Happy Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ❤ I hope you have a wonderful day full of good food, good company and creating amazing memories! 

Me and my baby girl playing around the tree while daddy is passed out from the delicious turkey 😍

The bump isn’t just fat

Today was my first ultrasound I am 13 weeks with another beautiful baby:) my husband and I had to bring my 18month daughter to the very long doctors appointment and I have to say Im super proud of my big girl she did so good. It was actually nice bringing her because it hasn’t been long at all since I was there for lilliahna so all the nurses remembered us and they got to see lilliahna as a big girl! Im due June 2 and will most likely go a few weeks early because I went early with my first I just hope they don’t share the same day but we couldn’t be happier and we are so excited to meet our second baby!

This photo was taking at the doctors of me and my 2 babies 😍

Feeling thankful 

My vacation started today and the biggest thing I’m looking forward ro is cuddling with my baby girl, watching Christmas movies and baking. I have a week off the biggest thing I have planned is making the Turkey all by myself. As a young women am I the only one that is nervous when it comes to making the turkey. Your husband is obviously looking forward to the turkey and your mom knows how it is supposed to be done so she’ll know if you messed up lol I just hope I don’t burn my house down in the process 😒. I am 100% one of the crazy people who have their tree up; however I still have some town pieces that need to be painted that also is a learning process I hope one day I’ll be as good as my grandmother. As much as she shakes she can paint the tiniest village people perfectly and yet when I paint a big Christmas tree you can see every mistake I think when it comes to certain crafts the older you get the better you get. Almost like a talent that you just wake up with one morning.Maybe I’ll just stick to baking and jewelry! 

Real life problems 

Does anyone else have the worst luck right around the holidays? Tonight on my way to Christmas play rehearsals a deer hit my car right in the bumper/headlight I feel like this kind of stuff always happens to me and my husband. Every time we get a smidge ahead or the least bit of luck we fall into a set back of some sort usually always end up being something wrong with the car because we only have 1 and rely on it for everything. I often wonder why this stuff always happens; it feels like god is constantly testing us and I just want to scream off a roof top “I Can’t Handle Anymore.” My daughter needs to go to the doctors tomorrow she hasn’t been feeling well were of course like everyone else trying to have a good holiday season and everything just hits us all at once. I know where not the only one’s that stuff happens to and I also know their are people in worse situations than us I just hope if someone reads this and is going through a tough time; know your not alone and things will find a way to work out even if your in my mood where it feels impossible.

Life treasurer’s

Work was surprisingly fast today it was a typical day in the office. Receiving mail after mail,  answering phones and doing my daily accounting duties and of course it isn’t a normal day in any office until the copy machine jams (with no paper actually jammed). One new thing that happened was when I got home; its not unusual for my husband to help out with daily house hold chores except instead of doing dishes (which still need to be done) he rearranged the office and gave me my own office in the loft and set up my ideal craft corner. So as I’m sitting at my new space looking around at my desk I see all these beads and chains to make jewelry; as I tell my husband what I just found that I sadly forgot all that I had he says “yes I know”. So now I wonder if he set my corner up to encourage me and remind me of everything I had and I have to say it’s a bit motivational and there is nothing better than coming home every evening having someone cheer by your side and constantly push you closer to your dreams.