Tis the season

As I sit here watching my hallmark Christmas movies I can’t help but think if any of these perfect Christmas towns exists; if so I would love to visit one. To meet new people in a little town, taking a carriage ride through the snow.  It also makes me think of my own dreams that I don’t always pay attention to during the whole year.  My dream has always been to own a tiny little bookstore with a lot of regulars that come in to visit and of course new customers to see what its all about.  Every evening I’ll bake a big batch of cookie/pastries and have coffee out every morning. In the corner of my store right beside the cash register have my crafts for sale. I often bounce between that dream and the dream to own my own inn. A Christmas cottage would be perfect for me! 

Of course while I’m crying watching this beautiful Christmas movie my husband is making fun of me and hating all my “corny” hallmark movies.  Im sure I’m not the only wife that has the struggle of her husband acting like he’s a scrooge (but really isn’t) yes I will admit im still a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas but he knew that when he married me. I can only hope my daughter enjoys the holidays as much as me and will enjoy baking with me and decorating sugar cookies and making ginger bread houses. I hope everyone enjoys this time with family and has Christmas traditions they look forward to every year! I look forward to reading your special traditions in the comments below. 

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