Real life problems 

Does anyone else have the worst luck right around the holidays? Tonight on my way to Christmas play rehearsals a deer hit my car right in the bumper/headlight I feel like this kind of stuff always happens to me and my husband. Every time we get a smidge ahead or the least bit of luck we fall into a set back of some sort usually always end up being something wrong with the car because we only have 1 and rely on it for everything. I often wonder why this stuff always happens; it feels like god is constantly testing us and I just want to scream off a roof top “I Can’t Handle Anymore.” My daughter needs to go to the doctors tomorrow she hasn’t been feeling well were of course like everyone else trying to have a good holiday season and everything just hits us all at once. I know where not the only one’s that stuff happens to and I also know their are people in worse situations than us I just hope if someone reads this and is going through a tough time; know your not alone and things will find a way to work out even if your in my mood where it feels impossible.

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