Real life problems 

Does anyone else have the worst luck right around the holidays? Tonight on my way to Christmas play rehearsals a deer hit my car right in the bumper/headlight I feel like this kind of stuff always happens to me and my husband. Every time we get a smidge ahead or the least bit of luck we fall into a set back of some sort usually always end up being something wrong with the car because we only have 1 and rely on it for everything. I often wonder why this stuff always happens; it feels like god is constantly testing us and I just want to scream off a roof top “I Can’t Handle Anymore.” My daughter needs to go to the doctors tomorrow she hasn’t been feeling well were of course like everyone else trying to have a good holiday season and everything just hits us all at once. I know where not the only one’s that stuff happens to and I also know their are people in worse situations than us I just hope if someone reads this and is going through a tough time; know your not alone and things will find a way to work out even if your in my mood where it feels impossible.

Life treasurer’s

Work was surprisingly fast today it was a typical day in the office. Receiving mail after mail,  answering phones and doing my daily accounting duties and of course it isn’t a normal day in any office until the copy machine jams (with no paper actually jammed). One new thing that happened was when I got home; its not unusual for my husband to help out with daily house hold chores except instead of doing dishes (which still need to be done) he rearranged the office and gave me my own office in the loft and set up my ideal craft corner. So as I’m sitting at my new space looking around at my desk I see all these beads and chains to make jewelry; as I tell my husband what I just found that I sadly forgot all that I had he says “yes I know”. So now I wonder if he set my corner up to encourage me and remind me of everything I had and I have to say it’s a bit motivational and there is nothing better than coming home every evening having someone cheer by your side and constantly push you closer to your dreams.

Just another Sunday

I sarted my morning with the attitude “I got this” I cooked some breakfast Lilliahna didn’t like the scramble eggs so made breakfast again which consisted of cinnamon waffles with peanut butter.  Then it was time to clean did some dishes as my sister-in-law and her husband walked in football game instantly goes on btw we are a house completely divided my husband a titans fan (which are finally doing good so I haven’t had to listen to him) my brother in law a packers fan which of course they faced each other today, as for me I was born and raised in Boston so I am and always will be a die hard patriot fan (my husband is a hater lol). While the game was on me and my sister in law were baking just when I was ready to bake peanut butter cookies I realized I used all the eggs for breakfast so time to go the store, by the time we got back the men wanted pizza (we made them do that trip) finally we finished baking everything now my daughter is up the guys are walking in the house. Just a little while later my sister-in-law and her husband leave now time to relax Lilliahna fall asleep on the couch my husband and I are cuddling on the couch after he carries her to her room. As I’m sitting here sharing my story I’m thinking boom my house is a mess again back to point “A”. 

Baking up a storm 

Hershey stack recipe:

square pretzels 

Hershey hugs (the red ones are peppermint) 


put the hug on the pretzels, heat oven for 250° put in oven and heat the pretzels and hugs for about 3minutes (time may vary I just watch it) until you can press an m&m on top of the hug and press down on center. After all the hugs are topped with an m&m put in fridge immediately for at least 30min (I make them the night before I need them)

peanut butter cookies:

2 1/2 cups of flour

1 stick of butter 

1 cup peanut butter 

1cup sugar

1 cup brown sugar 

2 eggs 

1/2 tsp of salt

1/2 tsp of baking soda 

mix butter and peanut butter until smooth, add sugar, brown sugar, and flour a 1/2 cup at a time then add the eggs, salt and baking soda.

heat oven for 375° roll cookie mix in 1/2inch ball for lines use a folk press in one side then the opposite side here’s a hint! flour the fork so its doesn’t stick to the cookie. sprinkle sugar on top and heat in oven for 10-13minutes. 

House a mess!

Ever need to do so much baking with a toddler running around and your house is a mess. This whole mom of a toddler is new to me. My house use to be so clean you could eat off my floor,  I don’t have a dish washer but there was still no dishes in my sink. I seriously thought everything would stay just like that when I had my daughter. Now my life is more like toys all over the floor because god for bid she plays with one thing at a time, my little pony is on all morning long, there is cinnamon toast waffle on my couch from where she ate breakfast oh yeah and did I mention as I’m typing this she is climbing all over me and I’m typing with one hand. Does any other moms wish they would grow a third arm the day you leave the hospital with your little bundle of joy? I guess that would look silly; but heres to a day of baking for a luncheon at work and energetic toddler running around. 

The working mom

My name is Steffanie Branch I’m a full time wife, full time mom and part time fiscal tech. We are approaching my favorite time of the year, being able to spend time with family,  baking delicious treats and of course EVERYTHING peppermint.  All the time I wish I could be a full time stay at home mom baking in the kitchen doing crafts with the kids especially around this time of year. Truth be told my job isn’t to bad I work 3 1/2days a week I have every state holiday off and while I’m at work my husband is off so we don’t have to worry about day care. So I have 1daughter shes 1 1/2 and I’m pregnant with our second baby I’m due right after her second birthday (yikes). In this blog I hope to share with you some funny family stories,  some of my favorite tasty treat recipes and even some craft ideas.